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Silent Saturday

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Tour de France Preview: Alberto Contador

Stage 15. Contador goes.

The Tainted Spanish Meat jokes and the speculation will take a backseat to the real contest. Finally. The 2011 Tour de France is just days away. The preparations and final adjustments are over and riders can only find fitness during the race. For the GC men, there are no rest days, no casual rides in a steady and swelling peloton. With the Classics inspired first week, a leg-busting trip through Pyrenees and a final venture into the high Alps, the route offers not one easy pedal stroke for the contenders.

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Facebook Loses 6 Million Users In US

You Like This Article.

Many of you may have found this very article via the social juggernaut that is the Facebook. In fact, over 56% of the Update’s traffic comes from Facebook users, where posts are circulated, shared and gain momentum. Not much, but some┬ámeasurable momentum. But has Facebook itself run out of┬ámomentum?

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