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Hagerty Teams With TOLaw For Youth Team in 2012!

Jake Ellis: Top banana for the U-25 squad. (photo Joel Gaff, Jr.)

We can finally start putting out the big news for TOLaw Cycling and Hagerty Cycling. Late last fall, whilst Nissan-Leopard-Trek began the merger to end all mergers on the ProTour, Traverse City’s oldest and newest teams began exploring the opportunity of bringing together Hagerty and Thompson O’Neil Law. Read More…


Pedaling Nowhere, and The Rise of the Czech King


Another day indoors on account of freezing temps and a nasty windchill. After being sick for most of last week and struggling through workouts, today was a great improvement. One hour and twenty minutes, with an hour of that time spent groveling (as instructed) while doing The Sufferfest’s Angels workout. Read More…

More Star Wars Episode I Posters from Travis English!

Can’t quite shake off the excitement of Star Wars Episode I in 3D quite yet, so imagine how excited I was to find an email from Travis English in my email last evening. Travis is the spectacular artist who created the series of Episode I posters I shared on the Update last week. Guess what? I was only “pecking on the suface” to use a Star Wars phrase. English has an entire another set of posters and characters on his blog The Bear Jedi, which I highly recommend you bookmark immediately. Read More…