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Lumberjack 100 Race Recap

Not the Bohunk, but a very fast finisher.

I’ve ridden one hundred miles before, and I’m sure you have too. I’ve done a century on the road three times now, including the hilly Michigan Mountain Mayhem last year, where Wes ‘won’ with the official best time. We did the 100 mile, 7,800 feet of climbing in a grand total of five hours and forty-eight minutes, and, barring one shaky episode, did it without any real trouble. So why not, I thought quite stupidly, hop on some fat tires and go try it on the dirt.

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>TC Training Camp: Day Seven


The day began with a kiwi cup of coffee and oatmeal with my dad, the Bill Murray look-a-like that refused to be captured on film. The pellet stove hummed warmly, staving off the disgusting cold weather out of doors. They day only needed a bike ride to be perfect.

This afternoon, the last scheduled ride of the TC training camp, I was joined by Dennis Bean-Larson of the famous Fixed Gear Gallery and Hell Yes clothing. DBL showed me his workshop, filled with tons of rare and attractive bikes, parts and memorabilia. It was a dusty sort of heaven and a real treat to finally see. We headed back out toward Cedar, spinning and talking bikes and life, genuinely enjoying both for the moment. I worked in a 35 minute attack on Lawson Road and the climb up Bellinger, but the majority of the two hours and twenty minutes was spent rolling nice and easy. Every cyclist should seize a day to just that. Appreciate it; we never remember just how lucky we are.

Big shout out to DBL for the ride and the knowledge.

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