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Cadel Evans Is Unbelievable

Cadel stabs his bike across the line, inches ahead of Alberto Contador.

Cadel Evans said he couldn’t believe it. The commentators were skeptical, and the fans weren’t too sure either. But a quick shutter and careful eyes confirmed that Cadel Evans, the former world champion and the very, very Australian (and eternal) hope for yellow at the Tour beat Alberto Contador on an uphill finish. From a quiet, self-deprecating and stormy rider on weak team to a world champion, a leader on a great team and a whole new man, Cadel Evans is finally what we knew he could be.

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Lumberjack 100 Race Recap

Not the Bohunk, but a very fast finisher.

I’ve ridden one hundred miles before, and I’m sure you have too. I’ve done a century on the road three times now, including the hilly Michigan Mountain Mayhem last year, where Wes ‘won’ with the official best time. We did the 100 mile, 7,800 feet of climbing in a grand total of five hours and forty-eight minutes, and, barring one shaky episode, did it without any real trouble. So why not, I thought quite stupidly, hop on some fat tires and go try it on the dirt.

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Tour de Suisse Preview: The Return of the Schlecks

Frank and Andy reunite on the road in Switzerland. The last big test together was taking down Gilbert: They didn't.

Alberto Contador has already RSVPed to the party, and did so with a dramatic twirl of the pen by completely dominating the Giro d’Italia. Mountain top stage wins, strong time trial performances and seemingly impenetrable teamwork made Contador look super-human in Italy last month. But how will the Schlecks fare in the Tour? Look no further than the Tour de Suisse…

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