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Obama’s Got Pipes, Sings “Let’s Stay Together” in Harlem

Obama: Skills like MJ and Al Green.

As many a politico pointed out in the 2008 election, Obama is one good campaigner. Last night, while the GOP tried to convince South Carolina who hated abortion, the middle class and Barack Obama the most, the President, his soulful-self, was at the Apollo Theater in New York for an early fundraising stop. As he kicked off his speech, the Commander in Chief playfully began singing the opening lines to maybe one of the greatest songs of all-time. Read More…


A Massive Hot Air Mass Hits S.Carolina: It’s GOP Debatin’ Time!

Newt Gingrich Is A Jackass. Just ask his ex-wives.

Could you feel all the joy on earth suck in upon itself and silently¬†puff into oblivion? Yes, it’s another night for the GOP debate, this time in South Carolina of all places. Here’s the sound bite, of many, many possible choices, that really burned my bacon. Read More…

Michelle Alexander and “The New Jim Crow”, How Racism Is Still Thriving In America

From "All Things Harlem"

This morning, author and activist Michelle Alexander spoke at GVSU’s Cook-DeWitt auditorium. A Civil Rights advocate and attorney, Alexander has worked for almost two decades with men and women dealing with the¬†penitentiary system and aspects of life after their release. Her new book The New Jim Crow, details her experiences with people struggling upon their release from prison.¬† Read More…