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Scouting out the Classics. It's onto the Tour now....


Photo of the Day: Janez Brajkovic 2010

Janez Brajkovic

The (Cycling) Proust Questionnaire: Wes Sovis

Wes, far right, with other Sovis'

The Bohunk’s twin brother, Wes, was kind enough to contribute to the on-going series of cycling related Questionnaires. Wes is an extremely fast cyclist, an aggressive rider and a great guy to have on a group ride. Wes is a very passionate advocate for the world’s poor, in no small part due to his studies in Latin American history and his interests in the welfare of the world’s poverty stricken families. The (Br)other Bohunk is also enjoys reading, John Wayne movies and tattoos.

Without a moment’s ado….

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