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E.Coli Outbreak In Europe Kills 17

Signs warn of disease transfer on a farm in Britain

The World Health Organization has identified the E. coli bacteria spreading through Europe as an entirely new strain, one that has not been spread before. The resulting infection results in the complicating condition called haemolytic-uraemic which wreaks havoc on the blood and kidneys of those with symptoms. Scientists have found that the new strain has genes from two prior strains, EAEC and EHEC.

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Get A Move On: Obesity In The Office

As any nutritionist will tell you, weight loss or gain is simple mathematics. What comes in must be balanced by what goes out in the form of energy and activity, and the balance will dictate weight fluctuation. The simplicity is masked by the reality of daily life, which may not always be conducive to an active lifestyle. In fact, research shows that the lack of activity in the workplace is a massive contributor to the obesity epidemic in America.

The Growing Obesity Problem In America

While not all workers sit in an office, many Americans are confined to a chair in an office for the majority, if not the entirety of their work day. In fact, Americans sit and move less than what was common even fifty years ago, when memos were usually hand delivered, documents were typed and distributed and other daily communication involved short meetings or trips over to a co-worker’s desk. With email and instant messaging, those activities are erased.

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African-Americans Call Pals, Not 9-1-1

Phone A Doctor, Not A Friend

A recent study by Georgetown University set out to discover the level of awareness and preparedness in the African-American community, which is at high risk for strokes. The University is working to educate African-Americans on how to recognize symptoms of stroke and to inform them of what to do when they, or a loved one, shows signs. The results were surprising and just a little puzzling.

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