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US Media Fails Country In Boston Marathon Tragedy


Note: The amount of support, concern, care and compassion for the people of Boston at this time is overwhelming in the very best sense. The Update’s small offering of sympathy, in the midst of the rest, is offered humbly. 

US media sources, including the New York Post, CBS News, NBC News and ABC News, all reported that a Saudi National was in custody of Boston Police within minutes of the explosions that rocked the Boston Marathon this afternoon. Read More…


John Edwards To Be Indicted Today

Bummer, dude.

There is a long list of people in the world waking and rising this morning with less than appealing schedules and events for the day. I, for example, have to work and do quite a load of packing. Others are also going to work, perhaps facing a fight with a loved one or friend, or perhaps are on the lamb. But John Edwards is waking up with the promise of a federal indictment, which ensures he is having one of the roughest days of anyone.

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E.Coli Outbreak In Europe Kills 17

Signs warn of disease transfer on a farm in Britain

The World Health Organization has identified the E. coli bacteria spreading through Europe as an entirely new strain, one that has not been spread before. The resulting infection results in the complicating condition called haemolytic-uraemic which wreaks havoc on the blood and kidneys of those with symptoms. Scientists have found that the new strain has genes from two prior strains, EAEC and EHEC.

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