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“Midnight in Paris”: An English Major’s Dream

"Do you box?" Hemingway was a bad ass.

My girlfriend’s parents went and saw Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” a week or so before I did. For a week, they casually suggested I see. At any moment I was not active, or when I was obviously looking for something to do, they would push me to head down to the State Theater to check it out. “You’ll like it,” they said, “but we don’t want to build it up too much.” How very well they know me.

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Facebook Loses 6 Million Users In US

You Like This Article.

Many of you may have found this very article via the social juggernaut that is the Facebook. In fact, over 56% of the Update’s traffic comes from Facebook users, where posts are circulated, shared and gain momentum. Not much, but some┬ámeasurable momentum. But has Facebook itself run out of┬ámomentum?

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>Meltdown Now Official

>A day after the Japanese government downplayed the dangers of the damaged nuclear reactors, radiation levels have surpassed those at the Three Mile Island disaster, the second worst nuclear incident in history.

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Japan faces prospect of nuclear catastrophe. Workers leave Fukushima plant:

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