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>Chode’s Video of the Week


Another gem reaches the lofty digital pages of the Update from the strange, twisted world of one notorious John Schroeder…Sick bastard, but a cool guy…



Enjoy, gents…


The ladies certainly love a woodwind…

>Shameless Plug


Allendale, Michigan is not known for wide varieties of food choices. If you don’t like pizza or Applebees, you are quite screwed. The bastion of flavor is Las Aztecas, a Mexican restaurant replete with a borderline authentic menu and generous portions. The Bohunk has a hidden talent for eating, and even I am occasionally full after a meal. The prices are great for the amount of food you get and you get to see Spanish television via Telemundo at no additional charge. It’s heart wrenching to see you middle age waiter toss an old napkin on the floor when Cruz Azul lets in a goal. The Bohunk returns to hard hitting news whenever my classes aren’t all on the same due date cycle as they are this week.

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