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A Massive Hot Air Mass Hits S.Carolina: It’s GOP Debatin’ Time!

Newt Gingrich Is A Jackass. Just ask his ex-wives.

Could you feel all the joy on earth suck in upon itself and silently¬†puff into oblivion? Yes, it’s another night for the GOP debate, this time in South Carolina of all places. Here’s the sound bite, of many, many possible choices, that really burned my bacon. Read More…


Michelle Bachmann Calls It Quits: “Screw you guys, I’m going home”

Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann

After getting thoroughly walloped at the Iowa caucuses, Michelle Bachmann announced she would quit the race for the GOP nomination and the Presidency, saying, “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” Bachman received just 5% of the votes, putting her as the sixth most popular candidate behind the likes of Ron Paul, Mittens Romney, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum. Read More…

European Union Members Vote, Great Britain Says No

President Sarkozy was critical of Great Britain after a long night of talks.

The European Union’s debt crisis is more dangerous with every passing day, as Europe’s top leaders rally to find support to rethink the financial climate of the organization and to move to enforce tighter regulations on debt and other monetary policies. The media have widely claimed that, in the coming days, the fate of the European Union will be decided, and many top economist have painted a grim picture.¬† Read More…