Hagerty Teams With TOLaw For Youth Team in 2012!

Jake Ellis: Top banana for the U-25 squad. (photo Joel Gaff, Jr.)

We can finally start putting out the big news for TOLaw Cycling and Hagerty Cycling. Late last fall, whilst Nissan-Leopard-Trek began the merger to end all mergers on the ProTour, Traverse City’s oldest and newest teams began exploring the opportunity of bringing together Hagerty and Thompson O’Neil Law. After splitting to take advantage of the generous help of George Thompson and Dan O’Neil, Wes and I were looking for a way to be able to afford to ride and to ride with a mission. I especially was hoping to work on a way to make cycling a more inviting and more easily-entered sport for kids, teens and college age students like myself. Tim Barrons, Tim Jenema and Melissa Ryba, all great riders and great human beings from Hagerty, were eager to get feedback from younger racers like Wes, Jake Ellis and myself on what we need in order to stay in the sport.

After a few meetings, we had a plan and a shape for a ‘Developmental’ team that would provide entry fees for a number of area races and foster a team mentality. We found that younger riders need a few races taken care of and decided that Hagerty and TOLaw would be able to provide a platform to take care of more financial considerations. In addition, the ‘Developmental’ team (now dubbed U-25) would benefit from having  a dedicated ride per week to build tactical and training knowledge.

Wes Sovis is moving up to CAT 4 in 2012, Expert in MTB.

We are also dedicated to be a positive and interactive influence in the area to promote cycling as a sport, a form of transportation and a lifestyle. Hagerty-TOLaw riders will be present at numerous group and community rides to participate and represent our organization to the people who share our passion for two wheels, and that is definitely something we are excited about.

Here’s a brief outline of the U-25 structure as it relates to the Hagerty team as a whole, taken from our team email:

This new U25 team is a co-sponsored effort between Hagerty Cycling and our good friends at Thompson O’Neil Law. These young racers will be your team members and a part of the Hagerty Cycling Team. The majority of their jersey will still be the Blue and White of Hagerty but will have a slightly different logo on the sleeve and side.

The main difference is that Hagerty and TOLaw are committing to help pay for more racing for the youngsters that want to race and compete in Michigan road racing. The new U25 team will be offered to aspiring cyclists from Junior racers to college age students in the cat 5 and 4 ranges in exchange for their commitment to race. The goal is to help them develop as racers and assist them with training as they grow on the bike.

Click here to see the U-25 jersey. Jersey. How very dapper.

At the moment, the U-25 squad is looking to add a few more riders to an already growing roster that includes some of the area’s top talent moving up through the CAT 5 and Cat 4 ranks. Please get in contact (my email is available through this site) if you have any interest in committing to giving riding, training and racing a try in 2012.

The Update will have much more on this huge merger coming up, and be sure to check here for more information on the team’s website, Twitter and a calendar of rides.

The Blue Train gets just a bit longer this year.... (photo Joel Gaff)


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