Obama Impersonator Yanked From GOP Back-Slapping Conference

The GOP gathered to count their money and rev themselves up for the 2012 election campaign by raising funds and slapping backs at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans this weekend. In what has to be simply bad taste, they hired a comedian, Reggie Brown, who makes his living telling jokes whilst dressed as President Barack Obama. They were, of course, shocked when Mr. Brown started telling jokes about the President and GOP candidates like Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty.

Reggie Brown went and did his job and was shortly after yanked by stage hands, asked to step down from the podium for telling racially charged jokes. How could GOP big-wigs be surprised that a comedian would tell racial jokes, and also poke fun at the shameless flip-flopping of Mitt Romney? What did they think he was going to talk about?

The show was cut short, and the press immediately claimed that Brown had fallen flat at the show, though the video shows rather strong laughs when he covers Obama (and racial jokes), but when the jokes turned against the GOP, the crowd moaned audibly. The Romney and Pawlenty jokes were even booed, though they were about actual actions and real events. This episode only shows the complete disconnect the GOP lives with. They have no problem making fun of race and their rivals, but when their own candidates are made fun of and ridiculed for their embarrassing actions,  suddenly it is not nearly as amusing.

I am quite literally all for making fun of any and all politicians, but the ultimate faux pas is not to be able a joke yourself, especially when you hired the person in the first place. Sure, Jon Stewart goes after the GOP, but he goes after the Democrats just as readily whenever possible. The Leadership Conference hired a person to tell jokes, and were angry when he said something funny. It was probably just a bit too true and embarrassing to hear.

(Note how poorly the GOP takes jokes against the GOP)


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